Chard and Potato Casserole

I use this as a breakfast casserole and make a very small batch as I only get a small portion of chard in my CSA. It’s great with an over medium egg on top or to serve as a side with meat.

I only had fingerling potatoes but I usually use a white or red. I also leave the skins on as it’s easier and it gives you more nutrients.

Three slices of bacon

3 small white potatoes or 1 large one

1 bunch of chard- chopped and remove purple stems

1/2 a white onion- diced

1-/2 cup of cheddar cheese


Preheat oven to 375 degrees

Boil potatoes in water until slightly tender-10 minutes max less if smaller

Cook bacon in a skillet

Drain some of the grease leave some and sauté the diced onions for a few minutes then add chopped chard cook until wilted. Season with a little S&P. Then add chopped bacon.

Remove potato from water and cool and thinly slice with skin on.

Place half of chard mixture in the bottom of an oven safe dish. Top with half of the potatoes and a little cheese.

Add rest of chard mixture and repeat the layering.

Cook for 20-25 minutes until nicely brown at 375.

Yes, the chard will make your potatoes purple. I topped with an over medium egg, everything bagel seasoning and hot sauce.


Published by Lem0815

Mother of two and wife to my junior high sweetheart. I believe the key to life is balance and the key to healthy eating is to not restrict and incorporate fruits and vegetables into every meal.

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