Colombian Steak

Today felt a little too much like quarantine with me working from home, the boys off school and all sports canceled. I haven’t been feeling the best so my husband offered to make dinner. This usually consists of Buffalo Chicken Pizza, which he made last night. Recently he has added a new meal to his repertoire- steak cooked with tomatoes, onion and garlic. His take on Cuban/Colombian steak. He created this all by himself after having it a restaurant and even made it for friends.

Today was a great day to cook together and not grill since we got almost 7 inches of rain. He made the steak and I did the sides.

I love serving our whole meal on one platter. This was just one steak for show as my kids made me remove the toppings and cut up the steak so it looked more like this
Only Tino and Dad wanted corn tonight! I will definitely be using the left over potatoes as a base for my over medium eggs later this week.


Preheat oven to 350

Any cut of steak- I would not use filet. Best to use T-Bone, rib-eye or strip with the bone still on. Now, this is his take on the dish, usually it is prepared with a cheaper style of steak like flank but my husband doesn’t like flank or London broil.

1 tomato-sliced

1 small onion- sliced

2 cloves of garlic- sliced



Season meat with S&P and bring to room temp- 40 minutes

In a large cast iron or frying pan add a little evoo and heat for a few minutes on medium. Add onions and cook for 1 minute then garlic and tomatoes cook for 30 seconds. Remove vegetables from pan. Add steak and sear for 1 minute on each side. If thick do it for two. Return vegetables to the top of the steaks and then place skillet in the oven.

I used a non stick frying pan and covered the handle in foil. Cook for 5 minutes in the oven. Remove and allow to sit for at least 5 minutes before cutting. If steaks are thick cook a minute or two longer. We cook ours to medium.

This is what it looks like right before going in the oven. Be sure to dip or pour the juice all over your steak because it is amazing!

I’ll be sure to share the smashed potatoes later this week. Enjoy!

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Mother of two and wife to my junior high sweetheart. I believe the key to life is balance and the key to healthy eating is to not restrict and incorporate fruits and vegetables into every meal.

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