Fancy Chicken Nugget Salad

I literally just through everything I had in my refrigerator into this salad and it turned out great.

You’ll know how much I love Bell & Evans. I work beside the plant and get all my chicken product from the outlet store. These are the best GF nuggets. I cook them a few extra minutes to ensure they are crispy.

GF chicken nuggets cooked a few extra minutes than box recommends

Romaine lettuce

Diced tomato

1 diced pickle

2 sliced radishes

Small amount of diced peppers

Chopped green onions

Small handful of cheddar cheese

Chopped up hard boiled egg

1 slice of bacon cut up

Mix all in a bowl with my homemade honey mustard dressing


Published by Lem0815

Mother of two and wife to my junior high sweetheart. I believe the key to life is balance and the key to healthy eating is to not restrict and incorporate fruits and vegetables into every meal.

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